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Green & Smart Sdn Bhd offers green solutions in waste water treatment for industries in the agriculture sector including sewerage treatment plants, both domestically and internationally. The Company was registered 35 years ago as Mardec Engineering Sdn Bhd and was primarily involved in waste water treatment for the rubber industry before venturing into waste treatment for the oil palm plantation sector which is the new growth sector principally in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Palm Oil Mill Effluent-Mesophilic Anaerobic System

New technology, which gives higher COD reduction efficiency and higher yield of biogas.,

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Innovative Treatment for Waste Water

An individual septic tank (IST) consists of two fundamental biological treatments,

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Gas Releasing Anaerobic Sludge System

The most novel, innovative, energy efficient and space saving

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Regenerated Energy Power

The Low cost system, which produces a clean fuel gas that is free of impurities.

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